Architects & 3d renderings

11 Dickel Road.jpg

3D Renderings are a great and essential tool for architects in today’s multimedia marketplace.  Showing a client their project in 3D instead of flat 2D drawings can really bring it home for them.

3D renderings are a great tool to provide your client with an idea of what their project will look like upon completion.  It provides them with a visual representation of their project to take to stake holders, banks and financiers.  The renderings can also help with choosing finish colors, textures, lighting and design.  Using 3D renderings can help to reduce the risk of a costly redesign.

Animation is another great tool that sparks a great deal of interest among the community.  Animations can be used in presentations to city councils as well as on your clients website to generate hype and excitement.  While a rendering shows your client their project from one point of view, an animation can show them their project from multiple views.  Clients that need to find funding for a project have found these animations to be invaluable.

Posted on January 2, 2014 .