3D renderings to help in marketing and advertising

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Whether it’s a soft drink, toothbrush, car, home, or skyscraper 3d renderings help market and advertise them all. Let’s take a look at how 3d renders can be used to market your product.


Reducing cost, time, and man power are instrumental in any market and advertising campaign. 3d renderings can help to reduce the duration of a project by eliminating errors and costly redesigns. 3d renders can also help reduce the cost of prototyping and production by eliminating the need for physical product mock-ups.Explore 3d renders help designers explore and experiment with different designs, textures, and coloring without prototyping. Renderings also allow designers to experiment with packaging and materials being used.


With the advent of social networking and streaming video, internet marketing has become more widespread than ever before. 3d renders can be used in print, broadcast, and internet media to generate excitement and interest while a product is still being manufactured.

Point of Purchase

Point of purchase is an extremely important part of marketing. Knowing how a product will look in its packaging and on the shelf are invaluable. Also 3d renders can help marketers establish product placement for merchandisers prior to its ever being stocked.

3d Rendering is closing the gap between reality and computer graphics. 3d rendering and its applications are endless.

Posted on January 2, 2014 .