Inventors & 3d renderings

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3D Renderings can help inventors to sell their ideas to banks and investors.  Great for designing, when your product is built in 3 dimensional space, it is easier to find any design flaws.

Do you have a great idea?  A 3D rendering can help you to explain your product but also to show how it works and what it does.  If you need investors a rendering can help to share your excitement with them.  People like something they can see and visualize how it will work.  This type of excitement can be created with some high quality 3D renders.

Another great tool for inventors is animation.  Investors want to know how your product will work and what it will do.  Mountains of paper work can tell them how or what it will do, but an animation can show them and help to build their excitement in a few short minutes.

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Interior designers & 3d renderings

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3D Renderings can help to communicate your vision to your client through imagery instead of words.  Help your clients to catch the scale and scope of their project through renderings and animation.

With the advent of 3D renderings, the world of interior design has changed drastically.  Your clients can now see what their rooms will look like before any furniture or fabric is ordered.  Renderings can cut down on the number of revisions your clients may have as well as lower the risk of a costly total redesign.  These renderings can also be used to generate excitement on your website to other potential customers.  They can see your quality and attention to detail, your designing style and your sense of color and motion.

Animation is another great tool for interior design.  Flying around a space showing how the different areas will interact with each other can increase the confidence of your client.  Still shots are great, but showing a space while the camera is moving can help to build more and more excitement.  These animations work great on your website as well.  Show potential clients how you can use space and color to finish a room.  Truly the possibilities are endless with interior design and 3D animation and renderings.

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Home builders & 3d renderings

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3D Renderings are a great tool for home builders to market their homes and communities.  Renderings can be put on websites to generate excitement and show the diversity of the builder.  They can also be used in marketing to generate excitement for a new community.

3D renders can be a great tool to help you to market your homes.  The renderings can show what a home will look like with the landscaping fully matured.  Also some builders are starting to do more and more renderings instead of the expense of building a model home.  3D renderings can help you to market as well with high quality colorful graphics that will grab the attention of potential customers.

Animation is another great tool for home builders.  Show your potential customers what your community will look and feel like.  Fly down the streets of your community showing the various options of each home side by side.  After seeing what the exteriors will be like, the animation can venture inside the homes to show them how it will look when finished.  Nothing can build excitement for potential customers like seeing what a space will look like and imagining their own furniture inside

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Architects & 3d renderings

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3D Renderings are a great and essential tool for architects in today’s multimedia marketplace.  Showing a client their project in 3D instead of flat 2D drawings can really bring it home for them.

3D renderings are a great tool to provide your client with an idea of what their project will look like upon completion.  It provides them with a visual representation of their project to take to stake holders, banks and financiers.  The renderings can also help with choosing finish colors, textures, lighting and design.  Using 3D renderings can help to reduce the risk of a costly redesign.

Animation is another great tool that sparks a great deal of interest among the community.  Animations can be used in presentations to city councils as well as on your clients website to generate hype and excitement.  While a rendering shows your client their project from one point of view, an animation can show them their project from multiple views.  Clients that need to find funding for a project have found these animations to be invaluable.

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3D renderings for your inventions

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A lot of people have ideas for new inventions, but how do you get the money to make your idea work?  Following these simple tips can help you sell your inventions to an investor.


Do your research on your idea.  Check if anyone has already had this idea and is marketing it.  Find out what kind of market your invention might have.  Find all important information related to your invention.


Get all of your research and documentation together.  Gather market research, graphs, and charts.  Include drawings, pictures, or anything that might help visualize your inventions.

3D Images

It can be hard to visualize an invention with nothing but flat 2d drawings.  Consider getting a 3d artist to render or create a 3d picture of your invention.  This can help you and potential investors to view your product from all angles.  They can also create a short animation showing how the product works and what it does.


Find an investor.  I am not going to tell you where to find an investor.  But having all your documentation and 3d images together will help to build excitement for potential investors.  Doing a simple search on Google will bring up several companies that will help you find investors.

Hopefully these steps have helped.  Good luck on your new endeavor.

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Reasons to use an American render firm

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With costs of running a business soaring companies are considering going over seas to get their rendering work done. Why should I use an American render studio as opposed to a foreign studio? Isn’t it cheaper to go over seas? Ironically the answer is No the costs and quality are roughly the same depending on the studio you go with. However there are several things to consider before choosing to outsource.

Language Barrier

The language barrier is often an issue. Even if the studio speaks english often they do not understand certain words or ideas that you are trying to convey. Some construction terms, for example are difficult to understand and do not translate very well. Poor communication and language problems can slow a project to a near crawl as everything has to be translated. Once it’s translated if there are any questions it has to be re-translated and sent back. If you have ever heard the phrase “lost in translation” that is exactly what is happening here.

Cultural Barrier

Culture is another factor to consider. If your client wants something a little more rustic trying to describe what that means is quite difficult. If the person you are working with is of the same culture as your client then such problems are overcome quickly and easily. Even if the studio is familiar with American culture it just doesn’t feel right. Your client might say, “This feels too much like a bad western movie can they tone it down a bit?” Trying to describe what the client meant can be extremely challenging and time consuming.


Often times it is easier to talk then it is to write something. Trying to Email someone what exactly the term “rustic” or the “bad western movie” means is extremely time consuming. It is much easier and faster to call the person and tell them over the phone. International telephone numbers and fees are can be difficult to understand and very costly. Also once they are on the phone there might be language difficulties again. The speed at which each person talks and the pronunciation of different words can make it difficult to communicate.

Business hours

Different time zones can be very challenging. Calling at 4pm your time could be 1am their time. Suppose your client needs a rush order done by the end of the day. If the render studio is closed it’s not going to be possible. And finding another studio to do the render at the drop of a hat also might not be possible. Also different countries have different holidays so perhaps the business is closed for a holiday when you need them.

Project Duration

With all of these problems the time frame of a project can become overwhelming. Something that was supposed to take 1 week could become 6 weeks. Being able to communicate can be the determining factor in finishing your project on time. If you cannot get the needed 3D renderings fast enough your client might not be able to get funding which will keep the project from even getting airborne.


In this economy having and maintaining clients and work is extremely competitive. Not being able to provide 3D renderings to your clients in a timely manner can reflect poorly on your firm. Image is everything in the business world today. Also if the costs are the same why not keep the work local and do your part in helping the American economy grow.

Before you decide to outsource your 3D renderings carefully consider each of these points. It seems that a domestic render studio would be more advantageous. And going locally can easily avoid many pitfalls of your projects. Be sure to carefully consider the pros and cons of outsourcing before you make your decision.

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3D renderings to help in marketing and advertising

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Whether it’s a soft drink, toothbrush, car, home, or skyscraper 3d renderings help market and advertise them all. Let’s take a look at how 3d renders can be used to market your product.


Reducing cost, time, and man power are instrumental in any market and advertising campaign. 3d renderings can help to reduce the duration of a project by eliminating errors and costly redesigns. 3d renders can also help reduce the cost of prototyping and production by eliminating the need for physical product mock-ups.Explore 3d renders help designers explore and experiment with different designs, textures, and coloring without prototyping. Renderings also allow designers to experiment with packaging and materials being used.


With the advent of social networking and streaming video, internet marketing has become more widespread than ever before. 3d renders can be used in print, broadcast, and internet media to generate excitement and interest while a product is still being manufactured.

Point of Purchase

Point of purchase is an extremely important part of marketing. Knowing how a product will look in its packaging and on the shelf are invaluable. Also 3d renders can help marketers establish product placement for merchandisers prior to its ever being stocked.

3d Rendering is closing the gap between reality and computer graphics. 3d rendering and its applications are endless.

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